Let’s Shine professional products

Let’s Shine is a range of products and equipment that has been conceived, studied and developed for being used by professional customers who are specialized into polishing and restoration of granite, marble, porcelain stoneware, concrete surfaces; it is result of the experience, of the know-how and the professionality that has been developed during many years of activity next to professionals on the construction sites.

Densifiers and products for the polishing of concrete floors.

Detergents for end-of-site cleaning, for the daily care and the extraordinary maintenance of the surfaces.

Finishing and waxes that protect and keep the natural beauty of every material.

Diamond pads for micro-smoothing.

Polishing powders, polishing creams for the restoration and the maintenance of the shine of the surfaces and for the restoration of the defaults that are caused by the usury.

Sealers and impregnators for in-depth protection of surfaces from dirt and stains, water and humidity.